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5 Things to Know Before Availing Escort Service

Availing an adult service by an escort is controversial matter in some countries where these kinds of services comes under illegal activities because of lack of recognized legalities from local government.

Another reason that an escort service can be illegal activity is increasing number of frauds, crimes like Loots are the incidents that makes it very hot talk when it comes to escort service.

But still, escort service runs and providing their service consistently. To help people skip those drastic experiences of scams, here are the key points to remember when approaching an escort service in your city –

Be Confident –

If you are an escort seeker, then you must stay confident in what you are looking for and at what price. Your selection will always depend upon your level of thinking, boldness and straight approach to your need. So don’t be shy or confused. If you are not have your confidence you just gets the tag of coward in the eyes of silly girls and they will pull you to their undesired service.

Check Original Images –

There are many times people wants girl’s picture before availing the service but how many of you gets original picture of  the girls ? No idea? Of yes, there is another way you can find the girl is original of not. Just ask for the girl image with the latest shoots containing a piece of paper with the current date or the latest time.

This is possible to get a current dated images because if a girl is real and sending you her real image for selection, she must send you the latest one. Because in 2017, everyone has smartphones to send at least a DP on the whatsapp !

Speak Out Your Budget –

Most of the gentleman thinks they are paying the requested amount for full service but it all times don’t comes true because when you started your communication from the budget, you just don’t have an idea how much she will charge in the middle of the session. Truly this situation becomes frustrating when you get asked for the extra service charges.

In order to remove that embarrassing situation, you have to be very clear upon the total budget and requested services. Just let her know your total budget and if both of you agrees there will be no point to ask for extra.

Stay Away from Advance –

Surely, asking money for no service is just kidding which is often happens with many guys. They pays advance and cheaters go away. So, Please , Please, Please don’t give any advance for escort service prior to your meeting. There are many frauds execution of such escort business going on in many countries.

Pay only when you see girl in front of you and ready to go ahead for bookings.

Health and Privacy Safety Check up –

Escorts are mainly popular for their truthfulness of health and privacy safety. Nobody wants to meet girl with certain sexual disease or a girl who can misuse your private information.

You need to give good chunk of attention to those individual properties of every session with an escort. If you have doubt then asks for the latest proofs of medical checkups. Do not provide your full information to the escorts, if possible use your unknown contact number while communicating with escort agency, or escort.

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